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Aplicações de SIG e Sensoriamento Remoto em Agrometeorologia

Este texto aborda as aplicações de SIG e sensoriamento remoto em agrometeorologia. 
O texto esta dispónivel para download gratuito no formato PDF, bastando clicar no link.

Remote sensing and GIS applications in agrometeorology


12.1. Introduction to Remote Sensing Science 
12.1.1. Reflective Remote Sensing 
12.1.2. Thermal Remote Sensing 
12.1.3. Microwave Remote Sensing 
12.1.4. Earth Satellites 
12.1.5. Weather Satellites 
12.1.6. Derived products

12.2.1 Storing geographical data 
12.2.2. Raster format 
12.2.3. Vector format 
12.2.4. Requirements of a GIS 
12.2.5. Basic components of GIS

12.3. Integration of Remote sensing and GIS 
12.3.1. Data Integration 
12.3.2. Data Acquisition 
12.3.3. Data Processing 
12.3.3. 1. Geometric Rectification 
12.3.3. 2. Data Conversion Data Analysis Classification System Data Generalization Error Assessment Sampling Spatial Autocorrelation Locations Accuracy Final Product Presentation Error Decision Making Implementation Theory of Vegetation Indices

12.4. Operational Agrometeorological Products Employing Remote Sensing and GIS 
12.4.1. Assessment of Meteorological and Agronomic Conditions to Aid Decision on Drought using Remote Sensing and GIS Precipitation Solar Radiation Agronomic Conditions 
12.4.2. Operational Use of Remote Sensing and GIS for Irrigation Scheduling 

12.4.3. Remote Sensing for Soil and Crop Management Evaporation Soil Salinity Remote Sensing for Precision Agriculture Crop Growth and Intercepted Radiation Nutrient Management Pest Management Selection of Growth Traits Crop Yield Estimation 
12.4.4. Assessing Environmental Sensitive Areas for Desertification Risk through Remote Sensing and GIS
12.4.5. Aquaculture and Remote Sensing
12.4.6. Operational use of Remote Sensing for Identification of Fishing Zones 
12.4.7 . Forest Management through Remote Sensing

12.5 Collaborations for resource sharing in GIS and Remote Sensing

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