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Accurate geospatial data that drives economic growth | 1Spatial

The availability of consistent and accurate detailed geographic information is a key enabler for the growth of national economies. Geospatial data, and the maps derived from them, are fundamental to effectiveness and productivity in sectors including government, utilities, building, construction, emergency services, defence, primary industry, mining, energy, transport and tourism.

National and other government spatial data holdings are critical to decision making in all of these industries. In the U.K., mapping data from Great Britain’s National Mapping Agency, Ordnance Survey, is so vital that an independent report put its value to the British economy at more than £100 billion.

The value of these geospatial reference data sets stems from their overall accuracy, or fitness for purpose, their utility and their low cost of utilisation to end-users compared with recreating the data themselves. Governments and other organisations can efficiently capture, maintain and publish geospatial information which can be re-used multiple times by other agencies, businesses and private citizens.....

from Geoprocessing | Scoop.it http://www.scoop.it/t/geoprocessamento/p/4012935709/2013/12/18/accurate-geospatial-data-that-drives-economic-growth-1spatial


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