quarta-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2014

ArcMap Raster Editor | GISblog.com

“The ESRI ArcMap provides very excellent feature editing and raster processing functions, however, its raster editing function is rather inconvenient. The first seeking for an interactive or manual raster editor of ArcMap was at, as I know, as early as 2005 at ESRI Forum. It is strange enough that the raster editing function of ArcMap does not improve much through these years and the major tool we use is still the Raster Calculator or Reclassify. Considering that manual editing is still most convenient in many situations for users including me, I start this project to provide a handy Raster Editor toolbar for ArcMap.”

Haoliang Yu (The developer)

from Geoprocessing | Scoop.it http://ift.tt/1m75QNI


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