domingo, 19 de agosto de 2007

Um lugar na história : Um guia para usar SIGs em pesquisas históricas

This guide is intended for historians who want to use Geographical Information Systems (GIS). It describes how to create GIS databases and how to use GIS to perform historical research. Its aims are to:

  • Define GIS and outline how it can be used in historical research
  • Evaluate the way GIS models the world
  • Describe how to get data into a GIS
  • Demonstrate the basic operations that GIS offers to explore a database
  • Review how time is handled in GIS
  • Explain how GIS can be used for simple mapping and more advanced forms of visualisation
  • Discuss quantitative data analysis within GIS
  • Illustrate the use of GIS for qualitative analysis
  • Summarise documenting and preserving GIS datasets

The book provides a broad sweep of GIS knowledge relevant to historians without assuming prior knowledge. It includes case studies from a variety of historical projects that have used GIS and an extensive reading list of GIS texts relevant to historians.

It has been commissioned by the History Data Service as part of the Arts and Humanities Data Service publication series Guides to Good Practice in the Creation and Use of Digital Resources. The series aims to provide guidance about applying recognised good practice and standards to the creation and use of digital resources in the arts and humanities.

O guia pode ser acessado no link :

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