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Os dez extensões mais baixadas no site da ESRI para ArcView 3.2 e 3.3

Scripts for: All languages AND ArcView GIS
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Resort by Title Software Language Author Modified Downloads
XToolsArcView GISAvenueMike DeLauneSep 15 2003 138146
Summary: Available for free download here is the 9/15/2003 version of XTools for ArcView 3.X. XTools is a package of tools useful in vector spatial analysis. Included are various overlay, shape conversion and table tools. Go to http://www.odf.state.or.us/DIVISIONS/management/state_forests/GIS/Documents/xtools.htm for a more complete description of...
201 ScriptsArcView GISAvenueHowie SternbergDec 28 2001 46433
Summary: 201 Scripts is a collection of Avenue scripts from the State of Connecticut, Department of Environmental Protection. They include click, apply and update event scripts for controls in View, Table and Layout docGUIS that add themes, label themes, identify themes, edit themes, select features, find features, print tables, and print maps. Includes...
Image Georeferencing ToolsArcView GISAvenueGeorge RaberNov 15 1999 46006
Summary: This extension provides tools, buttons and menus for georeferencing images. The tools update and change the world or header file of an image based on user input, or action on the view window. The user can "Drag and Drop" an image into a new location based on a user input line. The extension deletes, updates and then reloads the image into the...
Cadtools ExtensionArcView GISAvenueAdena SchutzbergOct 1 1998 37096
Summary: This extension includes a number of tools to aid in working with CAD files in ArcView. These include: a utility to make a theme for each layer or level, an interactive world file creation tool, a tool to convert annotation to points, and tools to associate text and attributes with their bounding CAD polygons. The CADReader extension is requi...
ImageWarp 2.0 Updated March 16, 1999ArcView GISAvenueKenneth R. McVayMar 16 1999 34451
Summary: March 16, 1999 In the recent March 12th update I neglected to add support for CAD drawings and AI coverages for the first input dialog. In this March 16 th release support for CAD and coverages has been included. ImageWarp 2.0 is an Windows 95, 98, and NT based extension that will allow you to geo-reference any image that ArcView will display t...
Polylines to polygons 2.3ArcView GISAvenueStudio A&T s.r.l.Jul 2 2006 33172
Summary: Convert polylines to polygons (source code)
Raster to Vector ConversionArcView GISAvenueKenneth R. McVayOct 1 1998 30320
Summary: These Scripts make use of the asPointFtab, asPolyLineFtab, and asPolygonFtab to convert a grid to either a point,line, or polygon shape file.
1st_ToolsArcView GISAvenueAndrej TRDINJan 20 2004 29949
Summary: NEW ( 1ST_Tools & 1ST_Table - JANUARY 2004) version 2.0--More than 60 scripts and extensions that EVERY ArcView user must have. In a single extension, 1st_Tools provide basic tools for working point, line, and polygon themes. It also includes a number of other "goodies" that will make your life easier. To activate 1st_Tools, right-click in a ...
Create DXF files from feature themes (FTheme)ArcView GISAvenueESRIOct 1 1998 27906
Summary: This extension provides a vehicle to create Drawing Interchange Format(DXF) files. Using ArcView Dialog Designer dialogs to create a "Wizard" environment, DXF files are created that should be compatable with versions of AutoCAD down to Release 12. Requires: $AVHOME\BIN32\AVDLOG.DLL or ArcView Dialog Designer Extension
Compiled Table ToolsArcView GISAvenueCharles HerboldJan 12 2006 25995
Summary: This Extension Adds Several Tools To Your Table Tool Bar . Most Are From ESRI's Web Site. I Only Compiled Them Into One Extension To Save Room On My Tool Bar. You Can Import / Export to Excel Export to Word Processor Rename Fields Multi-Field Sort Multi-Field Delete Field & Table Properties Add Increment Field Auto ID...


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